Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Apologetics Curriculum from Please Convince Me

The Please Convince Me Blog recently announced the release of their free apologetics curriculum. Check it out. And don't forget about their excellent podcast.

PleaseConvinceMe Academy Course 1
Answering the Objections of Atheists
The "Popularity of Atheism" Curriculum

PleaseConvinceMe Academy Course 2
Making A Case for God's Existence
The "Plausibility of Theism" Curriculum

PleaseConvinceMe Academy Course 3
Articulating the Gospel of Grace
The "Promise of Christianity" Curriculum



Bryan said...

This is excellent stuff, will definitely be sharing!

Unknown said...

when I click on any of the curriculum links it takes me to blog pages??? help

Unknown said...

I think J.W. Wallace has shifted his overall sites since you wrote this post. (this echoes what someone said above, even as those categories might be helpful):

Please Convince Me Academy is here:

Here is a list of paid curriculum resources:

Here are some of his recommendations for making a better curriculum (the title says youth curriculum, but would probably apply to any curriculum):

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