Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Ambassador Approach MP3 Audio by Greg Koukl

This talk by Greg Koukl was given in Ottawa recently. (H/T: Wintery Knight). Koukl introduces what he calls the "ambassador approach," which consists of knowledge, wisdom, and character. A good basic introduction to the apologetic task and persuasive evangelism. (Get the fuller treatment in Tactics.) Be sure to check out his other resources at Stand to Reason, as well as his interview here at Apologetics315.

Full MP3 Audio here. (40 minutes)


What was last year's post? See here.


winteryknight said...

Whoa! Thanks, Brian! And we actually have a post up from someone who had dinner with Greg and got a fresh insight into theistic evolution, too.

I just posted it here:

Paul said...

He clearly creates a false dichotomy between natural and theistic evolution when both are tools God could of used. Why does God need to use one? Why not both at the same time? His simple response is not going to impress many theistic evolutionists.

Haecceitas said...

I think it is possible to reconcile the supposed randomness/undirectedness of theistic evolution and God's design if one accepts that God has middle knowledge. At least if one thinks that there are truly random elements in the process and indeterminism can have effects on anything that is evolutionarily significant. One would just have to postulate that the middle knowledge also covers the counterfactuals of indeterministic events in the same way as it does the counterfactuals of human freedom.

pds said...

What may appear to be randomness to us is carefully predetermined by God. Of course, middle knowledge is an important element which God used, but doesn't make events indetermined. In a Molinist philosophy events are still determined by God, but God uses his Middle knowledge to protect the free will of his creations and his own character from their evil actions.

Stevemd said...

during this speech, Koukl repeatedly references talks he gives later in this conference. Are any of those speeches available to Apologetics 315?

Brian said...

Probably the first thing I would direct you to would be this post.

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