Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Apologetics Course Audio/Video via iTunes U

This iTunesU podcast feed covers 24 audio files (or videos) on the topic of Apologetics. The course instructor is Mark R. Stevenson, M.Div through Emmaus Bible College Online. For course syllabus, click here for PDF. Audio files are outlined below:

• The Nature and Task of Apologetics • Overview of the History of Apologetics • Introduction to Apologetic Methdology • Classical Apologetics 1 & 2 • Evidentialism 1 & 2 • Reformed Apologetics 1 & 2 • Fideism • Integrative Apologetics • Postmodernism • The Existence of God 1 & 2 • The Reliability of Scripture • The Identity of Jesus Christ • The Problem of Evil & Suffering • Miracles • The Resurrection of Jesus • Pluralism • The Problem of Hell • The Challenge of Ethics • Embracing Christianity

Click here to go right to iTunesU to begin downloading audio and video.



Rob said...

Checking it out now, thanks for the tip... however, when I tried the link Firefox gave me an error saying I'd have to open iTunes manually. No biggie.

Doug said...

It's too bad you have to have iTunes.

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