Friday, June 25, 2010

Resurrection Quiz Game

Based upon the content of Gary Habermas & Michael Licona's great book The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, the Resurrection Quiz Game online is designed to test your knowledge of the content with 80 multiple choice questions on 8 different levels. If you think you have mastered this information, this might be a good place to find out just how much you remember - or a good way to keep your skills sharpened. Either way, go ahead and take the quiz and share your score. Dr. Habermas's Apologetics 315 interview will be posted on Monday.

Still haven't read The Case for the Resurrection? Pick one up here.
Take the QUIZ GAME here.



pgardella said...

Ok, I see no other scores, so I'll set the bar early: 6,020. 90% passed.


winteryknight said...

I got 90% and 6210.

kowens83 said...

Haha, good job bru.
I got 6,180 - 75/80. I only legit knew probably 72 though lol. Got lucky on a few.
This is a great resource.

Miss Szymanski said...

I got a 70% with 5010 points... actually averaged 71%, though. I've never read the book, and I did take a few guesses, too. Maybe that's where the other 30% went. LOL! ;)

I love this game, because it is very informative, just as I'm sure the book is. Whenever I see a quiz like this, I like to do it as many times as I can until I get it right -- it helps to get the material engrained into my memory!

I'm sure I'll be getting the book at some point, because the Resurrection is one of my favorite topics of discussion.

yeng_vang19 said...

I have the book and it is very informative. Great for apologetic and i highly recommend the book. Btw, it's my first apologetic book. =)

John said...

Nice! I like it because it reminded me of the evidence and arguments. I got a 6390, but I've read the book twice. :)

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