Thursday, June 24, 2010

Westminster's Apologetics Course on iTunes

This is an set of 13 apologetics lectures by Westminster Theological Seminary professors, including: Scott Oliphant, Greg Bahnsen, William Edgar, Francis Schaeffer, and Cornelius Van Til. Audios included are:

• Reformation and Apologetics: Calvin's Presuppositional Apologetic (Lillback)
• Faith and the Intellect (Schaeffer)
• The Role of Worldviews in Apologetic Dialogue (Oliphint)
• What is Presuppositional Apologetics? (Oliphint)
• Why I am a Presuppositionalist (Edgar)
• History and Nature of Apologetics: Faith, Reason and Theism (Van Til)
• Present State of Christian Philosophy (Oliphint)
• Van Tilian Apologetics 1 (Bahnsen)
• Van Tilian Apologetics 2 (Bahnsen)
• Van Tilian Apologetics 3 (Bahnsen)
• Van Tilian Apologetics 4 (Bahnsen)
• Something Much Too Plain to Say (Oliphint)
• Apologetics (Edgar)

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Eldnar said...

If I can't use itunes at work is there another way to access this feed?

Brian said...

Not that I am aware of. I really tried to find the native RSS feed too. If anyone else has any luck, please do share.

pds said...

Thanks for this. Whats the quality like?

Brian said...

The quality is mixed on these. Much content from Covenant Media Foundation (which hosts a lot of Bahnsen stuff) is old and is reclaimed for tape recordings - you never know just how it is going to be on some older content.

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