Saturday, July 03, 2010

Apologetics Powerpoint Directory

Do you regularly do apologetics Powerpoint presentations? Are you looking for powerpoint presentations that you can use for your own talks, lessons, or lectures?

The goal of the Apologetics Powerpoint Directory is to gather and provide a wide variety of Powerpoint files dealing with apologetics topics. This is a user-generated directory -- so if you want to share, feel free. Just email the files to apologetics315 (at) gmail (dot) com to be considered for the directory. (Or use Dropbox.)

Files will be added to the directory below, and this post will be a work in progress. So start building and sharing...

Probe Ministries Powerpoints (free)
180 Norman Geisler Powerpoints (pay)
AiG Powerpoints (free)
Erskine College: apologetics, theology, ethics, more (free)
Science and Christian Apologetics (free)
Apologetics 101 powerpoint (1 free)
"Making it from Scratch - Scientific Arguments for God"


the Professor said...


RkBall said...

What about Keynote?!

Rob said...

Yes is this Mac compatible or is this Windows only? I use VM Fusion Ware so this is not so much of an issue but for other Mac players it might.

Kevin said...

It's awesome no matter that it's PPT. I can transfer the files to Keynote and tweak them from there.

cksheng74 said...

Josh McDowell has sets of power point slides on Resurrection for FREE download. You may want to add that to your list. URL: His other slides can be downloaded under the Seminar Notes section found here: (but they are mostly in pdf format)

Chris J. said...

It appears that Geisler's link is dead.

Here is a live link to his Powerpoint files for sale.

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