Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Library of Historical Apologetics: Featured Website

Check out the new Library of Historical Apologetics. Their mission is to be the world’s leading resource for lay apologists, pastors, students, and scholars seeking historical apologetics materials for self-study, church classes, sermon preparation, and research. Their growing digital collection contains references to about 3,000 items with a focus on works in English from the 17th through the early 20th centuries.

Visit Library of Historical Apologetics here.


[HT: Eye on Apologetics]


Silas said...

Isn't there some kind of index displaying all their items?

Brian said...

At this time the site has just been launched; sort of a beta -- so they will be adding on to it soon. I would suggest subscribing to their RSS feed to keep track of new developments as they come along.

Deus Ex Machina said...

Fantastic source.

Can't wait till its completely up and running.

Tim said...

There is a "browse the library" link near the top left corner. Right now, we have up links to only about 1% of the total material we've amassed; look for more to come over time. (Indexing 65 gigs of material is a serious, time-consuming task!) We're also working toward having an on-site browser interface with some annotation tools and more, though that's a longer-term goal.

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