Friday, November 30, 2012

Audio Resources by Tim McGrew

Dr. Timothy McGrew is Professor of Philosophy at Western Michigan University. He is a philosopher and apologist who has written extensively in areas pertinent to epistemology. He is also actively developing the Library of Historical Apologetics. All of his work can be highly recommended. (And if you play him in chess, you will lose.) Be sure to bookmark this page, as future resources will be added as they become available.
Listen below:

• Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels (MP3)
• Apologetics 315 Interview (page | MP3)
• Interview with Frank Turek (pageMP3)
• Interview with Frank Turek - second interview (page | MP3) NEW
• Interview on Evidence4Faith (page | MP3)
• Gems in Old Apologetics Literature (page | MP3)
• Practical Apologetics (Tactical Faith Lecture) page | MP3PDF

• The Gospels and Acts as History (page | MP3 | Vid | PPT)
• Who Wrote the Gospels? (page | MP3 | Vid | PDF | PPT)
• External Evidence for the Gospels (page | MP3 | Vid | PDF | PPT)
• Internal Evidence for the Gospels (page | MP3 | Vid | PDF | PPT)
• Alleged Historical Errors in the Gospels (Matt. & Mark) (page | MP3 | Vid | PDF | PPT)
• Alleged Historical Errors in the Gospels (Luke & John) (page | MP3 | Vid | PDF | PPT)
• Alleged Contradictions in the Gospels (part 1) (page | MP3 | Vid | PDF | PPT)
• Alleged Contradictions in the Gospels (part 2) (page | MP3 | Vid | PDF | PPT)
• The Resurrection of Jesus (page | MP3 | Vid | PDF | PPT)



Anonymous said...

i want to play chess with Dr. Tim. Brian, can you fix a match? :-)..
superb resource!!

Jonathan Deundian said...

Dr. McGrew is a beast! Thank God for him..

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